Technology Design

In-House System Design. It's How Our Edge Gives You an Edge.

When we say no one works with you the way Progressive Management System does, we mean it. For over 40 years, we've made the bold choice not to go with ordinary, off-the-shelf technological solutions. Would it be easier to go to the cookie-cutter route as so many of our competitors choose to do?  Absolutely.

Would it be better for our client's business? Absolutely not. By building our systems from scratch, our in-house designers avoid all of the pre-packaged limitations. This ensures that our computers will work with yours; just as professionally, personally and efficiently, as our people do.

State of the art communication and security technologies.

Staff of programming professionals to customize solutions for you.

We create our own application system directly addressing the needs of our clients and staff.

FTP communication and web portal access.

Dialing and account management technology.