Dynamic Collections Science

Old-Fashioned principles, new-fashioned techniques

So exactly how does all of this original in-house system design work for you?

Enough talk, let's take a walk.  When you tour our organization, you'll see we offer everything from antique 5.5" floppy discs to superfast FTP sites and optical scanners.  Often during the tour, clients will ask how much equipment they'll need to purchase in order to work with our system.

The answer is none. Our in-house designers have a simple rule: We start wherever you are.  We find out how you're set up to communicate and we match it.  That's the enormous benefit of being able to customize our system to yours.  Of course, our abilities go well beyond that. 

In fact, once we're able to bring your information into our system, our Dynamic Collection System can really move into full gear.   Skip-Trace Support Systems, Customized Software Programs and Predictive Dialers (just to name a few) are fully integrated into the process of helping our incredibly talented people do what they do best collect on your accounts using their personal touch and expertise.

We Value You and Your Customers.

Clients taking a tour are often surprised to see that our people and our process are so integrated our employees don't even have a phone on their desk - it's built into their computer. 

The benefit of all that interconnection and integration becomes even more apparent when customized, easy-to-read progress reports are then communicated back to you in whatever form works best with your system.

Doesn't all this customization and integration consume a lot of time? Quite the opposite.  Instead of trying to retro-fit solutions, we've designed them into our system in advance.  That must be why, when a leading telecom company needed 40 talented, trained people up and calling in two weeks, they called us.  They knew that no one was more capable of putting together the best tools with the best people in such a short amount of time.

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